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I am going to embark on one of the toughest subjects to date here in this country, the GUN CONTROL DEBATE. I will be adding video links, and media to show that most people’s fears of mass shootings at schools is unfounded, and I will be thrashing the politicians, and the media for stomping on the dead bodies of those little children of Newtown.

I suppose that many of you have seen all of the news, and all of the left wing, liberal politicians, and the right wingers as well spreading their agendas like peanut butter on cheap bread, I am going to question both sides, and I hope to show that the path that they are taking is so very wrong.

Let’s start with some facts, I help to teach concealed carry classes, and I also help with tactical handgun training as well, all the while being a student as well. I learn something everyday that I participate in a class. One of the things that we teach people in the basic concealed carry classes is that “WE ARE NOT THE POLICE” if you are in a situation that you can avoid deployment of your firearm, that is the best way to go. We also teach them this, you are more likely to be struck by lightning, than being shot by an active shooter. In fact mass shootings, and mass shooters are only one tenth of one percent of homicides in America, yes you read that correctly 1/10 of 1% truly, you are more likely to die from falling down. In a typical concealed carry class in my state you have eight (8) hours of classroom instruction, this covers the laws on concealed carry, and shows via video various scenarios of possible incidents, and then there is the lecture part on personal responsibility, how to break down, and clean your firearm, and the legal use of deadly force. In short we teach the students that a gun is nothing more than a tool, a tool that can be used for pleasure, and defense, but never to drive nails.

The FBI releases a report every year on the homicide rate for the previous year, to date 2012 ahs not been released as of yet, so I can only refer to 2011 as it is the most current year reported. Let me point out one thing here, when a police officer shoots a criminal, that officer is relieved of duty, and is then treated as a suspect in a homicide, and until the investigation is complete, that officers shooting will show as a homicide, and then even after the incident is cleared it is counted as a “justifiable homicide.” In 2011 The FBI reported that there were about 15,000 homicides, you will get the exact number in the link that I provide. This was a decrease from the previous year, and that was the trend, that homicide has been on the decrease since about 2009, and way down from a decade before.    http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2011/crime-in-the-u.s.-2011/violent-crime/murder

I have been very upset  at the way that we, the citizens of this once great nation, are so willing to give up the freedoms, and liberties that so many have fought, and died to give us all to a bunch of people that obviously want control over us. What is their motivation? Why do they want control? I have asked myself over, and over again can history repeat itself, here in America? The truth of the matter is, that our country, and it’s infrastructure is in a shambles, our roads are in worse shape than I have ever seen, our bridges are all in such a state of disrepair, and neglect that many of them could literally fall while you are driving across them, and I see no blue skies in the forecast. I hate to do this comparison, but just before the Roman Empire completely collapsed, they were in a very similar situation. Our clergy lies to us, our politicians are all worried about their money, and their pensions far more than they are about us, and we have seen how much help they will give us when things get really bad, i.e. Joplin Mo. Hurricanes Sandy, and Katrina, the many Indian Reservations and the way that indigenous people are being treated still. My answer is as follows, A government by any other name is but a government, and my government is no better than the Russian’s, or the Chinese. So yes they could turn on us, and lower us regular citizens into a third world America. Here is a number for you, governments have killed two hundred and fifty million people in the last century 250 MILLION in one hundred years, take a 58 minute break now and please watch this video.  http://www.youtube.com/embed/d7vNj2sb_00 It is called Innocence Betrayed The History of Gun Control Worldwide.

I was just involved in a long debate with a woman that I do not know, and that was so against concealed carry laws that she called being able to conceal in a movie theater, which is against the law in my state, and I will quote her, “BATSHIT CRAZY”! That is the sentiment that I expect from a group of people that I will now call PROTECTIONISTS. These are the people that you hear screaming at the rallies against violence against women, and child abuse, but that is all that they will do, they would never put their lives on the line for another human, and that is where I and, I believe many concealed carry permit holders differ from her. I told her at the end of our conversation, that I would freely give my life to defend her. She had informed me that she lived in the Chicago area previously and that she had been the victim of a violent crime and that she was now glad that she lived in a country where there were no guns. I got the whole gambit of usual name calling as well, paranoid, postal, she actually said that she did not want me to carry concealed in a movie theater because I might go postal. Statistics show that the greater majority of concealed carry permit holders are “EXTREMELY LAW ABIDING.” I will add some links here in this section to back up that, and the fact that concealed carry holders can, and do prevent crimes and, save lives. These days we are like the homosexuals in the 1970’s we are in the closet, and afraid to even tell our mothers that we have concealed carry permits,,,okay it may not be that bad, but I thought that a little humorous relief might help, please forgive me…. here are some of the links that I promised.





And now some links on just how law abiding concealed carry holders are.



I wanted to wait until the Joe Biden inquisition was over to finish this blog, I saw that New York moved in the way of the idiot. They banned the sale of assault weapons, which by definition were banned anyway because the general public cannot buy assault weapons. What a bunch of ignorant, morons, oh I am not just talking about the politicians of New York, I am talking about anyone that falls for the propaganda and thinks that I, or any other citizen can buy assault weapons, you are all truly a mass of idiots. I will define an assault weapon for you and then I will tell you all about my M4. Definition of an ASSAULT WEAPON:  A genuine assault weapon, as opposed to a legal definition, is a
hand-held, selective fire weapon, which means it’s capable of firing in either
an automatic or a semiautomatic mode depending on the position of a selector
switch. These kinds of weapons are heavily regulated by the National Firearms
Act of 1934 and are further regulated in some states. That folks is a real ASSAULT WEAPON, I can’t buy one, you can’t buy one, and to be able to takes so much money, and legal paperwork that it isn’t worth the time and effort, and then have to spend anywhere from $1.00 dollar PER SHOT up to about $5.00 per shot depending on the rounds that you use. I know most of you people will spend more than that in a bar doing shots, but I don’t drink, so good on you.

Select fire, do any of you know what that means? Select fire means that there is an actual switch on the side of the weapon that has three positions, they are labelled as such, safe, fire, and auto, or in some cases, burst as there was a time when our military had weapons that would only select fire to three round (bullet) bursts. Do you understand HEAVILY regulated? That means that you have to have a class 2 FFL license then you could purchase actual assault weapons. Sound easy? I will explain the whole process in the next paragraph.

Class 2 FFL License, the process, as laid down by the federal government. This is copy and pasted from the ATF website, that would be the bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, and Firearms. This is just the description from the front page hopefully I will be able to show you the forms and the fees required. This is the ATF’s ruling:

Once you have decided to make an application for a federal firearms license (commonly referred to as an “FFL”) you would send the completed application to the ATF post office box listed on the application form, ATF Form 7 – Application for License (FFL). The application must be accompanied by the proper application fee, which you can pay by check, credit card or money order {we do not accept cash). Once the application fee is processed, the FFLC will enter your application information into its database and commence a full review of your application and supporting materials, including fingerprint cards and photographs. The FFLC will review the fingerprint cards you submitted for clarity and, as required by law, will then conduct an electronic background check on all the “responsible persons” you have identified on your application. ATF defines a responsible person as a sole proprietor, partner, or anyone having the power to direct the management, policies, and practices of the business as it pertains to firearms. In a corporation this includes corporate officers, shareholders, board members, or any other employee with the legal authority described above.

The FFLC will then send the applications for new licenses to the nearest ATF field office having responsibility for the area in which your business is located. The field office supervisor will issue an assignment to an Industry Operations Investigator (IOI) who will conduct an in-person interview with you. The IOI will discuss Federal and State and local requirements with you, and go over your application with you to ensure the information is correct and current. The IOI will then prepare a report of his/her interview, the inspection and make a recommendation to either issue you the license or deny the application. Some reasons for denial may include failure to comply with State or local law (such as zoning ordinances), evidence of previous willful violations of the Gun Control Act, or falsification of the application.

The field office supervisor will also review the report and then submit his/her recommendation to the FFLC. Assuming that all background checks have been completed and your business address and proposed business operations are in compliance with State and local law, the FFLC will complete the application processing and issue you the license. [This will take approximately 60 days from the time your application was first received and if the application you submitted was completely and correctly filled out.

The Fees, there is a thing called a SOT that is the annual SPECIAL OPERATIONS TAX that one is required to pay. Here are the fees:

To get a Class 3 SOT status, you need a dealer or manufacturer FFL which includes Type 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 – and pay a yearly $500 tax due every July 1st.
To get a Class 2 SOT status, you need a manufacturer FFL, which includes Type 7, 10 – and pay a yearly $1000 or $500 (reduced rate for small manufacturers) tax due every July 1st.
To get a Class 1 SOT status, you need an importer FFL, which includes Type 8, 11- and pay a yearly $1000 or $500 (reduced rate for small importers) tax due every July 1st.
There is also a $200.00 license fee to get started, then the annual costs.


Here are the executive orders on gun control announced today:

1. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system.

2. Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background check system.

3. Improve incentives for states to share information with the background check system.

4. Direct the Attorney General to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks.

5. Propose rule making to give law enforcement the ability to run a full background check on an individual before returning a seized gun.

6. Publish a letter from ATF to federally licensed gun dealers providing guidance on how to run background checks for private sellers.

7. Launch a national safe and responsible gun ownership campaign.

8. Review safety standards for gun locks and gun safes (Consumer Product Safety Commission).

9. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal law enforcement to trace guns recovered in criminal investigations.

10. Release a DOJ report analyzing information on lost and stolen guns and make it widely available to law enforcement.

11. Nominate an ATF director.

12. Provide law enforcement, first responders, and school officials with proper training for active shooter situations.

13. Maximize enforcement efforts to prevent gun violence and prosecute gun crime.

14. Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence.

15. Direct the Attorney General to issue a report on the availability and most effective use of new gun safety technologies and challenge the private sector to develop innovative technologies

16. Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.

17. Release a letter to health care providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence to law enforcement authorities.

18. Provide incentives for schools to hire school resource officers.

19. Develop model emergency response plans for schools, houses of worship and institutions of higher education.

20. Release a letter to state health officials clarifying the scope of mental health services that Medicaid plans must cover.

21. Finalize regulations clarifying essential health benefits and parity requirements within ACA exchanges.

22. Commit to finalizing mental health parity regulations.

23. Launch a national dialogue led by Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan on mental health.

I am disturbed that we are allowing any president to pass any executive orders against our constitution, I am really disturbed by # 16, and # 17 that in my mind will cause people that suffer from some mild form of depression or something else will not seek any help at all for fear of their confidentiality being broken, and can my doctor refuse to treat me because I have guns in my home? What about people that have medicare, and or medicade will they have to choose to be able to defend themselves, or be able to provide health care for them or their families? look at # 21 does that make us choose, self defense or health insurance? I was talking to a friend yesterday, and he says that he has been in a Bible study for some time now, and that they have been studying Bible prophecy on the END TIMES, and he reminded me that the fall of the last great empire is in the Bible and that we should not worry that this is just a part of it, and we cannot stop it. Is it? Can we stop the complete collapse of our nation from within? I am not so sure, because we all know that a house divided cannot stand,a nd we have not been so divided as we are now, and all on the graves of beautiful, tragically killed children, and that in it’s self is disturbing enough.

Let me pose this to you, I am on Veterans Administration health care, my son has medicade, we have guns in our house should we be denied benefits due to my guns? Ok there are many people that receive government aid in varying degrees, are we going to start drug testing them so as to disqualify them for benefits? Do you see my point? We will possibly penalize people that are in their constitutional rights, but allow people to break the laws and not be penalized and still get government aid? The sad thing is that the taxpayer will bear the burden for both. It is time for us to stand our ground, to hold on to our beliefs, our rights, and we need to tell the politicians, “I HAVE NOT BROKEN ANY LAWS, I AM NOT A CRIMINAL, AND I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO TREAT ME LIKE ONE!”

I will close now, with the talking heads on my television in the background talking about another shooting on a campus in Texas, and just moments after that segment started talking about abortion. I know all of you have heard the stories about the young girls giving birth in the toilet at the school dance, or dropping their newborns in the dumpster behind some restaurant, and their was outrage, many of these young girls were tried and sentenced as murderers, or at the very least some other sort of killers. The ancient Chinese held that a persons birthday was their conception day, and this is a clip from Harvard magazine,  “George holds what is known among moral philosophers as the “equal moral status” view of the human embryo: “The principle to which I subscribe is one that says that all human beings are equal, and ought not to be harmed or considered to be less than human on the basis of age or size or stage of development or condition of dependency.” Fertilization “produces a new and complete, though immature, organism” that possesses “the epigenetic primordia for self-directed growth into adulthood with its determinateness and identity fully intact.” Although not all fertilization events lead to an adult, we were all once embryos in the blastocyst stage of development, he points out. We possessed all of the genetic material needed to inform and organize our growth.” How many “potential” lives have been snuffed out because one night at a bar a man and a women get a little tipsy, go back to his, or her place, have a sexual encounter, and she gets pregnant? At that moment every woman knows that their is a “LIFE” growing inside them, but in our case this person decides to go to planned parenthood and get an abortion. How is this any different from the girl at the prom that flushed her baby down the toilet? Then tell me why this is okay, but for me to own whatever weapon I want, so that if the need arises, I can protect my child from any danger of death or great bodily harm from another person, or animal or a despot out of control government? Please explain this to me. You are eight times more likely to be shot and killed by a police officer than a mass shooting, but the extreme left wing people, and their left wing politicians want to take the ability to protect ourselves away from us all together. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a personal police officer that lives with me, I do not have an active military person, or a secret service agent in my living room. I do have a semi automatic rifle, a semi automatic shotgun, and a semi automatic pistol so if, and I mean if, the threat comes I have the means to do what the government will never do for the average citizen, and that is have a chance to be more than a statistic, another body at another crime scene, and if it goes down that way, and I do die trying to stand my ground, and protect my family, well at least I went out fighting instead of begging for my life like the left wingers want us to do.


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I have been paying attention to the way Unions in this country have been conducting themselves, and I am not very happy with what I have seen. I attribute the Unions with many companies sending our manufacturing jobs overseas, and have heard stories about how people in the 60’s and 70’s that were just highschool grads were getting paid outrageous salaries for basically sweeping the floors at such Union powerhouses like General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler just to name three that come to mind immediately. Then there have been several strikes by educators, that in my mind, have sent a terrible message of greed, and selfishness to a generation of children that may not be able to be reversed. This is wrong, do not jeopardize my childs well-being and education with your message of greed.

I will try and place some links to some of the stories that I am going to rant about here on this virtual page. I will start with the recent Hurricane Sandy fiasco. Millions without homes and, or power, companies in the south lined trucks and crews up and sent them to the area to help get the power back on, and guess what? When they arrived in the Northeast the Union bosses told these crews to turn around and go home, because they were not Union employees they were not wanted there. I was so fucking pissed when I heard this, and it was but a one minute blurb on the news and that was the last time it was mentioned by the media, that I suppose is another Union company.   http://dailycaller.com/2012/11/02/ala-utility-florida-crewman-blame-electrical-union-for-interfering-with-hurricane-sandy-relief-video/ Now there are conflicting reports on the story but there are some that were already Union affiliated and they were allowed in, and then there were others that were being forced to sign Union contracts to be able TO HELP THEIR FELLOW AMERICANS! People this is BULLSHIT!!

Let’s travel back in time to the era of the Dinosaurs, they were majestic, giants that served a purpose, and now we burn them in our gas tanks, they are extinct, and my friends that is where the Unions need to be,,,,extinct. They had a time, and a place, and they did many things for the American worker at the turn of the century, and shortly after the industrial revolution. Now however they have forced companies to take our jobs, American jobs, and send them to places like China, India, The Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia leaving many Americans with nothing, no work, few American made products, and the Unions are still fighting to get broom pushers $30.00 dollars an hour.

Now let us talk about the union dues that the Union members have to pay. This is very interesting to me that people are stupid enough to let an organization take money from their paychecks with little to no accountability for what the money is actually used for. Here is a link to a Forbes story from July of this year that I found interesting;   http://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2012/07/31/union-dues-are-a-prohibitively-bad-investment/  and here is the Wikipedia definition of union dues;  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_dues.

Now here are a couple of links that may spark some controversy about the Unions and why I believe it is time for us to bury this dinosaur. note some are from very biased media, but none the less there is some truth and facts in them all;  http://www.redstate.com/realquiet/2012/06/03/the-unions-tried-to-keep-a-lid-on-scott-walker-from-revealing-what-unions-really-are-and-now-hopefully-the-nation-may-figure-it-out-as-well/http://iamfacts.com/iam-dues/ the second one has a video from a former Union organizer.

I suppose you have asked what has sparked this strong response to Unions? I will tell you in a nutshell, and one word HOSTESS!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hostess_Brands  the company started in America in 1930 and until recently was the largest baker and distributor of bakery products in this country. In recent years what with the idiotic laws about large drinks, and Cheetos being banned here and there because they make us fat,,,right,,it would not be the real fact that the people made a choice to eat to many Twinkies, or the individual made the choice to super-size their  happy meal all on their own, did that ever dawn on one of the mentally challenged politicians that are forcing more and more laws on us that take away our choices? Did anyone hold a gun to any kids and make them eat 10 bags of Cheetos? Anyway,,,forgive my random tangent on another subject for another post.  Wonder Bread, Dolly Madison, Drake brands, and let’s not forget that old American staple THE TWINKIE, all gone forever, no more Hostess “Ho-Hos” no more Dolly Madison snack cakes, no more “Butternut Breads” never to exist again. Now here is the real nail in the Union coffin for me, besides taking away our Twinkies, and our cup cakes, they are going to put 18500 workers out of work a week before Thanksgiving, and about a month until Christmas. Now you may ask why? Well the Bakers Union said they could not live on their wages, and went on strike. Look at this fact,,, “Hostess had annual sales of about $2.5 billion. The company said it had been making 500 million Twinkies and 127 million loaves of Wonder Bread annually before Friday’s shutdown.” This was quoted from a news story online at: http://whotv.com/2012/11/16/goodbye-twinkies-hostess-brands-closing-for-good/. Now I will tell you this, it has been an eon since I actually ate a Twinkie, but that is not the point here. The point is that the Bakers Union started a strike, a UNION started a strike, after this company that we are all affected by one way or another due to their baking diversity, had filed for bankruptcy twice since 2004, In the first one they were coming out of a four year restructuring process, and more recently they filed again on Wednesday.

Here’s the beef that the Bakers Union had, in the restructuring process the employees were give an 8% cut in pay, that would have gradually been cut to 4% in a number of years, and they took a 30% cut in health benefits. These are bad things, but in the long run the needs of the many are more important than the needs of the few. Not in this day and age, greed, the love of money, and material things has blinded us all, we have become a nation of dumbed down, greedy, selfish, that have little to no respect to each other, and demand that people respect us, again I call BULLSHIT!

It is becoming colder where I live, with shorter days, and work is slowing down, this directly affects my job, and my wages at my part time position that I have at a mom and pop rental business. From now until spring our hours will be cut, and people will be asked if they would consider going home? Every employee of the company is will to be in a rotation of days off so no one gets hurt as badly as we would if THEY HAD TO LAY US OFF, or SHUT THE DOORS because us greedy ass employees would not try and save our own jobs we had rather take the self centered, greedy path, and kill the hand that feeds us. How stupid is that? I would gladly take a cut in pay, and benefits if it meant that I would still have a job to feed my family with! Now what? You idiots will get some of your Union dues back in the form of “STRIKE WAGES” that the Union pays, but is it your $35.00 per hour? Then you will get your federal Unemployment insurance for 26 weeks, with maybe one extension. At which time some of you neurosurgeon, will be completely out of work and money. This is when I expect to see some of your crying hungry babies on TV with you there blaming Hostess for going out of business, and trying to levy a lawsuit against them for YOUR POOR CHOICE you Bakers Union members. Your friends and neighbors will begin to re-locate, and they will begin to loose their homes, and retirement funds, all because a poor choice by a small percentage of Hostess employees.

Hostess was an 82 year old retailer and manufacturer of baked goods, they had nearly 19,000 employees and gave us many decades of sweet snacks and breads. Here is a list of the “Hostess Brands” products that we will be loosing due to the Unions.

Sweet Snacks Twinkies, CupCakes, Ding Dong’s, Ho Hos, Sno Balls, Donettes Devil Dogs, – Drake’s Funny Bones, – Drake’s Ring Dings, – Drake’s CoffeeCakes, – Drake’s Blueberry Muffins, – Drake’s Yodels – Drake’s

Breads Wonder Nature’s Pride, Merita, Home Pride, Beefsteak, Butternut, Millbrook, Eddy’s, J.J. Nissen, Sweetheart, Cotton’s, Holsum, Sunbeam, Bread du Jour.

I am pissed, not only at the Unions, but at all  you sorry people who went on strike in whatever American company and cost your fellow employees their jobs, and all of you greedy, materialistic scum bags that all you care about is yourself. When we are without jobs, and then all on welfare, what then? I know the God damn Unions can bail us all out with the millions they have taken from the American worker, no strike that, the billions in lost wages, and jobs lost to, in some cases, our former enemies, i.e. Vietnam, and China.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves, what about your neighbors kids, what about your kids? You have done an Iconic American Company in because of greed!


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I had an eppifinay this morning in the shower, as the hot water ran over me and washed away the nights oils and dirt, I thought about how I really felt inside, and I realized that I am content. I believe that this contentment is different from happiness, and all the other emotions that people feel today, and then I realized another thing, when we are discontent, when we are angry, or sad, or seeing only negative in this world we have fallen prey to the mainstream.

If we all just stopped for one minute and took a deep breath and looked at the person in the mirror, maybe we would stop being so critical of others. I am human and I fall short of being perfect, and I will freely admit that I have had ill thoughts of other people, and I have done bad things, but as of this morning and my magical shower, I am going to try to place control over the one thing, the one person, the one bit of earth that I can absolutely control and that is me. I cannot control how another person feels, I do not make anyone sad, nor does anyone make me sad, I choose to be that way because of my emotion. No one held a gun to my head and made me do drugs, no one held my mother hostage and forced me to join the Marine Corps, no one made me feel anyway, or anything that I did not want to feel all on my own.

This is where I stop or begin to try to stop using negative, this is where I am going to try to be positive, and see things differently in all aspects of my life, and I urge you all to try this as well.  I am going to try to continue to be content.

We are all humans, we all live on the only planet that there is for us, and yet we always are divisive, and mean-spirited, and down right nasty to each other. Not one of you, or I is perfect, we do not have super powers, nor can we predict the future, and because of the lack of humbleness, and caring for every other human, and trying to live in the future we all live is some amount of fear, and have daily angst. Let me tell you that, fear comes from the future and the unknown, the past is gone and we cannot change what has happened already, but we all refuse to live in the here, and now.

My shower this morning put me in the moment and that brief taste of clarity has made me see the world in a different light, I actually stopped and listened like my friend Al Al suggested. He said this in a Facebook post, ” When we pray we speak to God, and when we meditate we listen to God’s answer.” forgive me Al Al I paraphrased a little, but how true is this? Some of my friends don’t believe in God, and that is fine with me, I myself believe but do not subscribe to mainstream religion, but how many of you that are not “believers” meditate? Who are you listening to? The minds voice the metaphysical being that is in us all? This is me now, I want to listen more, and talk less, I want to stay content even in the face of adversity, and/or danger. I want to take that deep cleansing breath and live this moment as if it were my last and not have to worry about a tomorrow that may never come.

I was keeping track, of the storm Sandy, and watching it’s every move, and I knew that it was going to be the worst thing to hit the Northeast since 9/11, but they showed an image of a grocery store, and bare shelves and I became angry, I made the choice to become very mad at the humans around me and I started voicing that anger. I will explain why now. I have been through hurricanes, and ice storms as a child that had our power out for weeks at a time in the cold winter, but I was taught that we should not be greedy, that we should have compassion for our fellow humans, and when I see people with shopping carts full of bread, and milk, I get sick inside that our country has become this evil, hate filled place, of greedy mean humans. How much bread can you eat, and how will you keep that milk from spoiling? What about the single mom, or dad that was at work that needed a gallon of milk for his or her children? What about the old lady that could not get to the market before the rush of mad, crazy humans, and now she cannot get batteries for her flashlight that she has not needed for years? These are all things that I choose to disturb me. So as I said early on in this post, I cannot control those mis-guided greedy people who have no regard for their fellow humans, but I can control me, and I will promise that if I am ever in the situation where there is a natural disaster coming down on me I will help as many people as I can with bread, and milk, and batteries, because I am myself, mostly always prepared. My flashlight has rechargeable batteries, that are long cycle and only require charging once a month or less even with moderate use, I have a large stock pile of canned foods, and dry goods that I can share,a nd I also have propane canisters, and a cook stove that will last for sometime. I will be the beginning of something that will help all that are willing to try, I am going to attempt to not let other people’s choices affect me, and I am going to try to maintain this inner contentment for all the world to see,a nd if you come at me with negative I may choose not to continue in our conversation until you have found that positive spirit that is in all of us.

Look deep people, my fellow humans, that spirit of kindness, compassion, and caring for others in us all, we all have two fundamental choices in my opinion, the first is that we can control ourselves, and how we interact with this world, the second, and in my mind the most important is, we have no control over any other human being’s emotions, or self-image, and we should not allow others to try and make us pay for their choices.

I do hope that this makes some sense to someone, I hope that these feeble words of mine can help one person to find what I found in my shower this morning, and I hope that you all have a peaceful, blessed day, and life for that matter. find contentment, center yourself on the here and now and remember, what was done in the past is done, you cannot change it with all of your might, you cannot take it back, nor will you get a second chance, the past is gone forever, and, the future is not a promise, we do not know what will happen to us in the next second, let alone the next day, or decade, so do not live in fear of the unknown, instead, embrace this moment, embrace the breath that you are taking now, embrace the earth, and the trees, embrace the flowers, and the bees, embrace the sky and the ocean, embrace yourself, and let the world do as it will, and I promise that you will feel a little better in your day-to-day life.



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