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I had an eppifinay this morning in the shower, as the hot water ran over me and washed away the nights oils and dirt, I thought about how I really felt inside, and I realized that I am content. I believe that this contentment is different from happiness, and all the other emotions that people feel today, and then I realized another thing, when we are discontent, when we are angry, or sad, or seeing only negative in this world we have fallen prey to the mainstream.

If we all just stopped for one minute and took a deep breath and looked at the person in the mirror, maybe we would stop being so critical of others. I am human and I fall short of being perfect, and I will freely admit that I have had ill thoughts of other people, and I have done bad things, but as of this morning and my magical shower, I am going to try to place control over the one thing, the one person, the one bit of earth that I can absolutely control and that is me. I cannot control how another person feels, I do not make anyone sad, nor does anyone make me sad, I choose to be that way because of my emotion. No one held a gun to my head and made me do drugs, no one held my mother hostage and forced me to join the Marine Corps, no one made me feel anyway, or anything that I did not want to feel all on my own.

This is where I stop or begin to try to stop using negative, this is where I am going to try to be positive, and see things differently in all aspects of my life, and I urge you all to try this as well.  I am going to try to continue to be content.

We are all humans, we all live on the only planet that there is for us, and yet we always are divisive, and mean-spirited, and down right nasty to each other. Not one of you, or I is perfect, we do not have super powers, nor can we predict the future, and because of the lack of humbleness, and caring for every other human, and trying to live in the future we all live is some amount of fear, and have daily angst. Let me tell you that, fear comes from the future and the unknown, the past is gone and we cannot change what has happened already, but we all refuse to live in the here, and now.

My shower this morning put me in the moment and that brief taste of clarity has made me see the world in a different light, I actually stopped and listened like my friend Al Al suggested. He said this in a Facebook post, ” When we pray we speak to God, and when we meditate we listen to God’s answer.” forgive me Al Al I paraphrased a little, but how true is this? Some of my friends don’t believe in God, and that is fine with me, I myself believe but do not subscribe to mainstream religion, but how many of you that are not “believers” meditate? Who are you listening to? The minds voice the metaphysical being that is in us all? This is me now, I want to listen more, and talk less, I want to stay content even in the face of adversity, and/or danger. I want to take that deep cleansing breath and live this moment as if it were my last and not have to worry about a tomorrow that may never come.

I was keeping track, of the storm Sandy, and watching it’s every move, and I knew that it was going to be the worst thing to hit the Northeast since 9/11, but they showed an image of a grocery store, and bare shelves and I became angry, I made the choice to become very mad at the humans around me and I started voicing that anger. I will explain why now. I have been through hurricanes, and ice storms as a child that had our power out for weeks at a time in the cold winter, but I was taught that we should not be greedy, that we should have compassion for our fellow humans, and when I see people with shopping carts full of bread, and milk, I get sick inside that our country has become this evil, hate filled place, of greedy mean humans. How much bread can you eat, and how will you keep that milk from spoiling? What about the single mom, or dad that was at work that needed a gallon of milk for his or her children? What about the old lady that could not get to the market before the rush of mad, crazy humans, and now she cannot get batteries for her flashlight that she has not needed for years? These are all things that I choose to disturb me. So as I said early on in this post, I cannot control those mis-guided greedy people who have no regard for their fellow humans, but I can control me, and I will promise that if I am ever in the situation where there is a natural disaster coming down on me I will help as many people as I can with bread, and milk, and batteries, because I am myself, mostly always prepared. My flashlight has rechargeable batteries, that are long cycle and only require charging once a month or less even with moderate use, I have a large stock pile of canned foods, and dry goods that I can share,a nd I also have propane canisters, and a cook stove that will last for sometime. I will be the beginning of something that will help all that are willing to try, I am going to attempt to not let other people’s choices affect me, and I am going to try to maintain this inner contentment for all the world to see,a nd if you come at me with negative I may choose not to continue in our conversation until you have found that positive spirit that is in all of us.

Look deep people, my fellow humans, that spirit of kindness, compassion, and caring for others in us all, we all have two fundamental choices in my opinion, the first is that we can control ourselves, and how we interact with this world, the second, and in my mind the most important is, we have no control over any other human being’s emotions, or self-image, and we should not allow others to try and make us pay for their choices.

I do hope that this makes some sense to someone, I hope that these feeble words of mine can help one person to find what I found in my shower this morning, and I hope that you all have a peaceful, blessed day, and life for that matter. find contentment, center yourself on the here and now and remember, what was done in the past is done, you cannot change it with all of your might, you cannot take it back, nor will you get a second chance, the past is gone forever, and, the future is not a promise, we do not know what will happen to us in the next second, let alone the next day, or decade, so do not live in fear of the unknown, instead, embrace this moment, embrace the breath that you are taking now, embrace the earth, and the trees, embrace the flowers, and the bees, embrace the sky and the ocean, embrace yourself, and let the world do as it will, and I promise that you will feel a little better in your day-to-day life.




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